Best Web Hosting in 2020 And Beyond

Best Web Hosting For Your Website in 2020

Best Web Hosting Choices in 2020 And Beyond

There are LOTS of Web Hosts out there and choosing the best option for you can be a difficult task. However, which web host offers the best web hosting in 2020 and beyond? I am writing this article based on personal experience. I have used several popular and not so popular web hosting outfits over the years. My recommendation here is for based in the USA. has data centers in New Jersey and California. They have you covered with SPEED in all major markets. In fact, I have spoken directly with the management at Interserver. I learned that many webmasters outside the U.S. choose to host with Interserver! Why? Because of their high quality to price ratio, top customer service and high speed page loading.

Best Fast Cheap Web Hosting For 2020 And Beyond

I have found the same high quality experience with Interserver myself. In fact, I currently have 36 sites hosted with them and I am extremely happy with their customer service, SPEED, tech help and more! What really impressed me in addition to all the positives just mentioned is that the owners of Interserver started 20 years ago in their basement! This may sound unbelievable but it’s 100% true. What also impresses me is that these same two gentlemen are still very actively working and overseeing their hosting operation. How incredible is that? Their performance, attention to detail and customer service is a testament to Interserver’s commitment to speed, quality and customer care. Interserver’s hosting plans are straightforward and easy to understand. In addition, the company website is simple to navigate. There’s even more.. just read on:

Site Migration & SSL Certificates Included!

Do you have sites hosted at another hosting company? All good. Interserver’s expert technicians will migrate your site(s) over to your new hosting for free! Need SSL certificates on all your sites? Incredibly, SSL certificates are also included free as part of your hosting package. Your website will be secure with SSL encryption which is critical for ranking on Google. Heck, Chrome won’t open a web page that’s not secure unless you ignore its warning. More importantly, customers/visitors also expect all websites to be SSL secured today. Sleep well tonight. Host with Interserver & all your bases are well covered. web hosting features Incredible Features

Economical High Quality Web Hosting.

What you will also be impressed with is their pricing! I currently have all 36 sites hosted on one VPS Cloud Hosting account and these sites run fast! The cost? Including full server management and cPanel?: $63 per month! My current hosting plan includes 8 CPU Cores, 16GB of memory, 240GB of FAST SSD hard drive storage and 8TB of bandwidth! This is an absolute bargain! I invite you to check around and compare their super solid hardware infrastructure vs. their amazingly economical pricing. See for yourself. Of course if you have the need for less robust hosting, you’ll find tremendously FAST and cheap shared web hosting as well, starting at only $4/month! Are you running an enterprise level corporate site? Interserver has you covered with dynamite Dedicated Hosting plans starting at only $70/month. Cloud VPS Hosting Options. Simply use the slider to buy the perfect hosting plan!

Look at the photo below. Can you find another Web Hosting Company willing to stand in for a nice photo to show you exactly who is taking care of your web hosting needs? Interserver does! No hiding behind an anonymous facade. Interserver is all about quality web hosting at extremely fair prices. You deserve the best for less & I am proud to help you make the right choice. Give serious consideration. I truly believe you’ll be as impressed as I am.

Best Web Hosting in 2020 and beyond

Your new hosting team is dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

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Please note: I am an affiliate of which means I receive a small fee for referring customers to their service through my links in this article and elsewhere on this site. This recommendation is made with the utmost of confidence and is my current #1 Best Choice in Web Hosting Services.

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